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About Me

My name is Simen Andersen and I am a Norwegian 16-year-old aspiring to become an English professor. I read books, articles and everything in between every single day and I am trying to go about each day furthering my path towards reaching my own goals.

This year I want to learn about everything there is to know within the field of teaching, learning, English, and people. I know that might sound too optimistic, but as they say; “Aim for the stars, still reach the skies”.

Something that does and has always really piqued my interest in the human psyche and mind. The way people think and behave, why they do what they do and how we can learn to better understand each other.

This year I will be needing your guidance, advice and constructive criticism in every way that you can give. I want to better myself as a person, learner, and teacher, and if I want to achieve this I will be needing your help along the way.

I want you to know that I want and need your criticism and advice, no matter how harsh they might initially sound. In the grand scheme of things, they will aid me in growing and becoming the best version of myself that is possible.

My heroes are the people of this world who are born into the worst conditions, predisposed to have the worst lives but are still, despite all that, able to succeed, thrive and aspire towards reaching their dreams and goals.


Published by Simen Andersen

I am a Norwegian 16-year-old aspiring to become an English professor. Please send me any and all criticism so I may improve myself!

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