In today’s newest blog post I am going to go over a Lotus Diagram that I have created. First off, what is a Lotus Diagram? A Lotus Diagram is a diagram in which one chooses one thing, be it a text, a film or whatever, and writes up eight topics, followed by eight examples of each topic. Below you will find my own Lotus Diagram of a text called The Volunteer, written by Lucinda Nelson Dhavan. I have chosen my main theme to be literary devices, afterward, I have chosen the topics of the text’s plot, core messages, the main character Carrie, environment/setting, mood, metaphors, similes, and imagery.

I highly recommend using a Lotus Diagram whenever you are analyzing a text, working on film and whenever you feel you need some help and guidance on understanding something.

Published by Simen Andersen

I am a Norwegian 16-year-old aspiring to become an English professor. Please send me any and all criticism so I may improve myself!

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